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I've been meaning to draw and do stuff...but well life is getting in the way at the moment! >.<

But I have valid reasons...kind of...

1) EOC's are next week! (>.>)

2) I'm drowning in homework (/;A;\)

3) Studying for Finals (-m-)

4) Failing three classes (-w-;\)

5) My boyfriend is taking up most of my attention (T///T)

So....I guess I'm sorry for being really busy and stuff, but hopefully over the summer things will get a lot easier, but I might be getting another maybe not as easy! >.<

If you're on my internet friends and I haven't been talking to you as much, I'm really really sorry! I REALLY want to talk to you, but as you could already tell, I'm somewhat super busy! I'm sure you guys are busy too since it's getting close to summer and finals and stuff are coming. If I usually have time I'll try to talk to you guys, but as of right now...hehehe....too much stuff to do! Again, I'm really really really sorry! I'm not mad, I'm not abandoning you, I haven't been murdered or anything! Promise~ :P I will be back as soon as possible! >.<


Back to studying and then back to the drawing board thingy...later (/.\)

Tata menschen!


United States
My name is SapphirePeanut! That is not my real name, but if my parents had given me that name...does that mean they don't love me? :O I don't know!!

Oh, I also share an account with my friend yeah! (/O_o\)

About me? There's nothing really to know about me except that I am...well....boring! xP

I am fifteen and I am currently a Sophomore! :3
I am short...forever 5'1" T.T

Favorite Music:
-Linkin Park
-Vocaloid :3
-Within Temptation
-Mayday Parade
-The Maine
-All Time Low

Favorite Movie: At the moment....I'd have to say Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!~

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird

What I've Always Wanted to Do:
-To learn Japanese!~
-To go to an Owl City concert
-Have a pen-pal from another country...someone I can actually be friends with! xP
-Learn German (currently in the process of doing that! )
- Prove my whole family wrong
- Become a voice actress for Funimation (THE ULTIMATE GOAL!!!~)
-Oh and if anyone knows how to use Gimp...that would be very helpful! ⊙﹏⊙

Favorite Things:
-Pokemon (Pikachu:P)
-Yugioh (I personally prefer the abridged series)
-Xbox (I don't own one, but at least my brother does!! :'O)
-Edgar Alan Poe


I could go on forever, but I'm bored so...yeah...

BYE~ :3

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Happy Valentines Day, friend~!
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Share the love,bro~! Keep on drawin'!
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